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As a complete solution integrator for the oil and gas industry. KAAZAM Energy has an engineering team that focuses on system upgrade and EPCC-related projects. We provide multi-disciplinary EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) services with a proven track…

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Malaysia ACCUFLOW Distributor As Transwater Metering Solution and now KAAZAM ENERGY, we have been appointed as the SOLE exclusive agent since 2005 for Accuflow Multiphase Flow Meter covering Malaysia, Iraq, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Brunei. With this partnership, ACCUFLOW has…

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Malaysia SICK Gas Sensor Distributor In 2018, Kaazam Energy has established a partnership with SICK and signed a contract of agreement as exclusive Malaysia agent for SICK metering product that covers gas metering and flow instrument. SICK – One…

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