Save Millions CAPEX & OPEX


Offshore platforms save millions in CAPEX and OPEX with Accuflow Portable Multiphase Flow Meter for Well Test Measurement for some of the targetĀ  O+G production platforms in Peninsular Malaysia.


Exploration and Production (E&P) company, subsidiary of national oil company.


After many years in operation, the well production now has higher water cut of up to 93% and higher Gas Void Fraction (GVF) of more than 90%.

Existing test separators were not able to perform accurate and reliable well testing due to process change. The existing meters on the test separator were and tear of the liquid positive displacement meter and low turn down ratio of the orifice gas meter.


A single Accuflow Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) portable unit was rented and used on rotation for four platforms, saving the need to purchase four separate permanent units. Accuflow MPFM is compact and repeatable well test data. Contract Transwater’s engineers to operate and conduct maintenance for 3 years together.


  • Millions of ringgit savings in CAPEX
    by renting 1 portable Accuflow MPFM unit instead of purchasing 4 permanent MPFM unit.
  • Thousands of ringgit saving annually in OPEX
    due to low in maintenance, simple to operate, design, high range ability & accuracy, and local expertise.
  • High level of availability, reliability, and measurement accuracy.